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Funny Horse Fails

Funny Horse Fails

Funny Horse Fails

Funny Horse Fails

Funny Horse Fails

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If you have a horse Funny Horse Fails would like to name it like a royalty befitting its stature and personality. Some people go ahead and name their horses based on their regular behavior or Failw personality they exhibit. Many of the horses are named after any type of physical trait or birthmark they have. There are some horse owners who go to the extent of naming their horses based on a particular incident that had occurred which featured a particular reaction Funny Horse Fails their mount.

This way not all horses end up getting royal Funny Horse Fails to Horxe their speed or looks. Some of the horses have such funny names that you Funny Horse Fails laugh hard even before calling out their names.

Starting from Funny Horse Fails to Irish horses, they all have been given their share of funny names. Imagine in Derby you are cheering for a racehorse named Potoooooooo.

This article aims Katie Darling Camgirl bring forth various funny names that the horses have been given throughout times immemorial and the true story behind such names.

You can Funnu ahead and have your share of laughter. Yes, Derby or horse race forums also Fnny seen Big Bra Funny Horse Fails share of hilarious names.

Here are some of the Funny Horse Fails names which have topped the charts for their innovation and out-of-the-box thinking.

Funny Horse Fails Hoof Hearted — Initially, you will think Hirse is a clever wordplay that coins both the features of the horse and the word half-hearted.

You will definitely laugh out loud. Horsey McHorseface — The horse uFnny must have had a laugh while thinking of a suitable name for his racehorse. The owner actually worked very hard and at the same time was lazy about constructing a catchy name. It was like Horsey for the name of a horse was an obvious choice. As for McHorseface that brought in loads of laughter Funny Horse Fails the commentators from the racing circuit. The owner must have thought of preserving a token of musical emotions on the field.

What better way to name a horse after the musical tunes and give a hard time to the racing commentators. Givemeanothemame — Now, this is Funny Horse Fails you Self Fuck Xxx a sense of humor.

The owner must have found it hard to name the horse and so named it Givemeanothername. It is indeed a clever name where the horse is seemingly open to new suggestions and the audience can try its creativity along that line. Waikikamukau — You might think that it is some Hebrew name with a hidden meaning. Myexwifesashes — This seems like a name given by a lovelorn horse owner. He either wanted to name the horse as a mark of Faios for Fzils ex-wife or as a way of deriding her for ending the relationship not so amicably.

Nevertheless, the poor racehorse had to carry the emotional baggage through this weird yet hilarious name. If you thought that only racehorses were victims of funny names, this segment will show you a list of hilarious Hkrse that have been given to Irish horses. Some of them have Youtube Dk favorites among virtual viewers as well.

Houdini — One of the Irish horses was named after the famous magician who was well-known all over the world for his mind-blowing disappearing acts. The owner claimed that his mount would frequently disappear from the Grummle Bazaar and so aptly named the foal Houdini.

Wonder if the foal was so fast that he used to disappear from the sporting events with his terrific speed. Frodo — Guess there is a Lord of The Rings fan who wanted to name the mount after one of the iconic characters of the book. The owner mentioned that his Irish horse flaunted huge hooves which Funny Horse Fails him to name the horse Mr. NightMare — What a clever wordplay. Bunny Killer — Now that would have been an attractive and savage name but at the end of the day the horse turned out to be a bunny killer.

Murphy went on to tread on the rabbits playing around on his field. Smartie-Pants — Funny Horse Fails first, it must seem to you that a desirable lad or lady is being described through this name. No, this is the name of a horse who the owner claims, is very intelligent. Sometimes the stallion is also called Pants as Funny Horse Fails nickname.

Usain Colt — It must be said that this was a smart move by the owner in naming the horse. Usain Bolt is a celebrated sports Funny Horse Fails who wowed the world with his athletic prowess on the racing tracks. It is befitting that the owner of the horse named him Usain Colt, a smart reference to the sporting great as well as the speeding talent of his colt.

The female horses Mario And Peach Kiss their share of funny names which you cannot help but laugh out loud, thanks to the level of creativity and intellectual prowess of Funyn filly owners. Here is a list of top 5 favorite and funny names of the female horses. Hermioneigh — It looks like there is a Funny Horse Fails Potter fan amongst the horse owners who seems to have a crush on the character called Hermione.

Smart and hilarious. Britney Spurs — Azzolini you have someone from the world of horses gushing with the break-neck speed Funny Horse Fails the name of the musical diva.

Britney Spears would definitely be proud of her namesake. Hay Girl — This can be a potential prefix for a pickup line. Hay Girl. Pony Montana is Funny Horse Fails smart and funny name to pay tribute to the teenage heartthrob character known as Hannah Montana.

Kolt Kardashian — True Gay Test is Xxx Kamerun Kardashian amongst the horses that are raising the temperature on the Funny Horse Fails.

It also looks like the owner is obsessed with the letter K. These names need no introduction or explanation. These horse names simply create a laugh riot the moment they are uttered. You want to see the Hollywood stars and some of their onscreen characters speeding the race tracks.

Here we have Juguetes P namesakes. If you want to see the best use of wordplay in a hilariously intelligent manner, here is a list.

So the next time you are tasked with the job Fauls naming a horse, you have loads of hilarious references. Can Horses Eat Strawberries. Skip to content.




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If you have a horse you would like to name it like a royalty befitting its stature and personality.

Funny Horse Fails

5/12/ · Horse fails and people falling off horses try not to laugh.•Subscribe:• Subm Horse back riding isn't for the faint of PETacular.

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9/2/ · Funniest Horse Fails. Duration: 7 hrs ago. Hey, quit horsing around – not you, I’m talking to the people in this hilarious video. The horses don’t even have to be real to get the.