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Jayjay Vivziepop

Jayjay Vivziepop

Jayjay Vivziepop

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JayJay Animash preview. Vivziepop's Jayjay.

Jayjay Vivziepop

JayJay is a character Tights Flicka Vivziepop's comic series "Zoophobia", and seen as the representation for the channel meme "Die Young." She appears in many tracks that include the song, and has a twin(?) that owns a time machine. JayJay is a blue werewolf with dark blue and purple hair who wears a ripped red dress. She is often portrayed in her earlier design, sometimes called Jayjay Vivziepop whereas her. Vivzieppp

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14/02/ · LIMITED PRINT AVAILABLE: is an independent animator, graduated from SVA in NYC!I am a huge fan of musicals Author: Vivziepop.