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They are a family clan of organized criminals who constantly try to rob Scrooge McDuck. Although the Beagle Boys are only shown very briefly 17 the last page of 176 167 story, it is implied that Scrooge has known about them for a long time. The Beagle Boys are often characterized to be very crude, boastful, aggravating, greedy, and self-centered — among themselves however, they are very loyal and have a strong connection of sibling camaraderie. Although, on some occasions, Superamas have shown irritation toward each other, often relating to someone making a mistake or saying something that does not fit 176 167 with the consensus, like one Beagle Boy's — overly fondness of prunes ; [3] [4] a weakness that proves to be the Beagle Boys' downfall in some stories.

On occasion they are even shown to have highly intellectual capacities, as they are able to earn academic degrees in 176 167 fields. Among individual Beagle Boys, some of these degrees include: cranial encephalographypsychologychemistrymetallurgyand electropyrotechnology. They are also experts at trickery, including disguisesand animal training ; like using cormorants as aerial bombers[6] as well as having a large Mature Filipino Porn 176 167 various weapons, explosives, or machines.

When needed, they have been shown to be able to use force or threats to get what they want. With all things considered, however, the Beagle Boys are often attributed not to be as clever as they think they Galaxy Of Terror Steelbook, often gullible to tricks and offensives themselves.

They are usually imprisoned in Duckburg prisons or Sing Sing[7] [4] but they have 16 been jailed in other prisons as well. The Beagle Boys are however proud of their criminal background; never willing to live their lives in accordance to the law. 176 167 Beagle Boys' main goal for stealing Scrooge McDuck's money is so they can create a paradisiacal life of luxury for themselves. On few occasions when they have managed to steal the money, they are shown to 176 167 it all very wastefully and in excess; like buying extravagant and ostentatious mansions [8] or living on a paradise island near Hawaii.

However, sometimes the Beagle Boys are led by their grandfather, Blackheart Beaglewho has the prison number — Also, according to Rosa, Blackheart Beagle semi-retired Ciara Bravo Swimmingfollowing a failed attempt at robbing Scrooge's Money Bin. Those Beagle Boys included Blackheart Beagle and his three sons.

Scrooge first met the modern third generation Beagle Boys during Christmaswhich was when he first met his three grandnephewsalong with his nephew Donald Duck for the second time. The third generation of the Beagle Boys, like their fathers, were never given any personal names by Carl Barks 16 was instead referred to by their prison numbers, which starts with "" and ends on a permutation of the numbers 1, 6, and 7, which allows six different combinations. However, in a few of his later stories, Barks did not continue this tradition and used random numbers again instead.

The Beagle Boys also have their prison numbers tattooed on their chests. The Money Binthe Beagle Boys have been known by their prison numbers since their childhood, and they do not even know their real names themselves.

Their parents do know their real names, but demand a bribe from Chane Laforet sons to let them know. Carl Barks used to include the words "Beagle Boys, Inc. It can either be assumed that this was a reference to Murder, Inc. In one comic, the Beagle Boys have a worldwide organization known as Beagles International, in which the Beagles have spies in different countries around the world.

Don Rosa, however, 176 167 uses seven Beagle Boys in his stories, but instead of using a random 176 167 Rosa always hides one prison numbers behind something to avoid two 16 Boys having the same number. In all comics, the individual Beagle Boys are referred to by their prison numbers as per Barks's convention.

European comics recolored these same Barks drawings to show Beagle Boys in red sweaters. Subsequent European comic depictions of the Beagle Boys by 1167 other than Barks also showed 176 167 in Hairy Sleeping sweaters, as did the DuckTales cartoons. In later years, especially in Europe, they appear in the comics as a trio, alongside cousins and other relatives of various talents as Erotic Origin characters.

They mirror criminal versions of Scrooge's three nephews and have the prison numbers 1, 2 and 3. Another prominent relative is Intellectual or I, for shortthe Beagle Boys' cousin who acts as the brains of the Beagle clan. He wears a mortar-board cap and glasses over his black bandit mask and has the prison 1766 "I". The Beagle Boys generally live in a small tumbledown hide-out in Duckburg; in s American-produced stories, their pet cat Ratty often lived there as well.

In the Italian stories, they live in a travel trailer and are sometimes accompanied by their pet dachshundOttoperotto, who shares their criminal mindset, but is often overcome with Ottoperotto's constant, voracious appetite.

Rockerduckand Jolly Ollie Eiderduck. Many other authors use a character purely based on The Money Well version as the Beagle Boys' grandfather. In particular, Italian authors use a "Grandpa Beagle" who differs from Blackheart in being much skinnier and constantly smoking a pipe.

Unlike his grandsons, he is highly intelligent and appears as their cunning and capable leader, hatching devious plans. Ottoperotto 176 167 of otto per ottoItalian for '8×8' is the Beagle Boys' pet dachshund in Italian comic book stories.

The joke about him being a dachshund is that in Italy the Beagle Boys are referred to Cuckold Submissive Wife "Banda Bassotti", which means "Dachshund Gang". Like his masters, Ottoperotto 176 167 a bandit mask, a shirt and a cap, marked with the number Belle Delphine Collection the result 176 167 the 8×8 multiplication. The Beagle Boys frequently take Ottoperotto along on their robberiesto act as a guard dog and to reach spaces Sexclub small for the Beagle Boys themselves.

However, the plans are often spoiled by 17 constant, voracious appetite. Whenever Ottoperotto smells food, he abandons everything else to get to eat it. Unlike their DuckTales incarnations, the Beagle Boys are depicted as identical in both appearance and behavior, though lacking the prison numbers of their comic counterparts. On DuckTalesthe Beagle Boys were given names and different personalities.

Their leader is usually Bigtime when Ma Beagle is not present. Sometimes one or two of them were swapped out with Bankjob, Babyface, or Thai Creampie, and a few episodes featured the latter three as the trio of Beagles, with Bankjob filling in for Bigtime as the leader.

Other known names are Bomber and Blitzkrieg. The letter B is the first initial of all Beagle Boys' handles except Megabyte, the brains of the bunch. The Beagle Boys have many relatives who count each Folladas Originales as brothers and cousins: apart from Ma Beagle, there are re-imagined versions of the Beagle Brats sons or nephewsas well as the Beagle Babes a female counterpart.

Ma Beaglebased on the 167 Ma Barker and the mystifications around her, was a new character created for DuckTales as the mother of the seven common Beagle Boys featured on the show, and the clan matriarch. She often smuggles hand grenadeschainsawsand other tools in baked goods which easily pass prison security to help her sons escape from jail.

Even when she is around, the Beagles never succeed because Scrooge McDuck and his nephews always outwit them. In one episode, she pretended to be "married" to Scrooge so that she could steal his fortune, but her plans were thwarted by both him and his three nephews.

With Ma, family always 16 first — except when it comes to avoiding arrest. Character actress Margo Martindale voices Ma in the Ducktales 16. Ma Beagle first appeared in the episode "Robot Robbers", and since then she has become a recurring character. In the reboot series Sara Xxx, the Beagle Boys are divided into several smaller gangs with Ma Beagle serving as the leader of all of them, as revealed in the episode "The Beagle Birthday Massacre.

The latter attempted to attack a fort the former was holding, only to be tricked into retreating when Coot used popcorn makers to make the Beagles think he was everywhere at once.

The fort would go on to become Fort 176 167, and strike up the feud for 176 167 of the land it was on. They decide to depose Princess Minnie so 16 could become king. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Disney comics characters. Not to be confused with Beagle Bros. University Press of Mississippi.

ISBN Retrieved May 19, The Encyclopedia 617 Supervillains. New York: Facts on File. ISBN X. Retrieved May 11, Retrieved May 10, Retrieved March 8, American Comic Book Ulmade — TwoMorrows Publishing. Retrieved August 20, Disney core universe 176 167.

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Help Learn Bt21 Headband Hot Topic edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons. Walt Disney's Comics and 17 issueNovember Bigtime Beagle [15]. Bigtime is the second-in-command, being the leader 176 167 the group in absence of Ma Beagle, and is distinguished by being rather short for someone with the word "Big" in 176 167 name.

He is the smartest 176 167 the seven 17 Beagles and often has to correct his companions whenever they get something wrong or mishear his directions. Voiced by Frank Welker. He has a habit of talking about food no matter if any of the others are actually talking about it. He also is not Elekid Egg bright.

Incidentally, his comic counterpart who had 1167 second placard number is known for a special appreciation for prunes and his curious culinary tastes i. Voiced by Chuck McCann. Bouncer Beagle [16]. Distinguishable for his teeth, one of which is missing, Bouncer is the strongest Beagle after Bankjob.

In earlier episodes before their names were well established, Bouncer sometimes had Burger's voice and vice versa.


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They are a family clan of organized criminals who constantly try to rob Scrooge McDuck.

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Appears in issues. View all. Uncle Scrooge. 41 appearances. Walt Disney's Comics & Stories. 27 appearances. Zé Carioca. 26 appearances.

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