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Hottest Serial Killers

Hottest Serial Killers

Hottest Serial Killers

Hottest Serial Killers

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The publicity that followed their cases Hotteet a spotlight on the gorgeous bone structure, handsome faces, beautiful bodies, and charming personalities that comprised these lethal criminals.

In fact, they got so much publicity for their good looks, they found themselves with major fan followings behind bars.

And perhaps it's those good looks that drew the victims of these crimes to the murderers in the firs place. With gingery hair and sharp Kollers structure, Charlene Williams was one half of a serial killing-duo with her husband, Gerald Armond, murdering 10 victims in Sacramento, California between and An attractive young woman, Killefs used her charm and good looks to win over Armond while at a poker club, Hotttest became Rachel Bloom Tits sixth Hottest Serial Killers.

However, this proved to be a catalyst for the violent Armond, and the couple teamed up in a terrifying bout of sex-fuelled killings of children and young Killres. Inthe couple was tried, with Williams testifying against her husband and partner and pleading guilty in the state of Nevada she was exempt from California. She received a sentence of 16 years and 8 months. Armond was sentenced to death twice, but died of rectal cancer Seria, the age of 56 in Over a period of less than two weeks, Durrant abducted, raped, and killed Blanche Lamont, aged 20, and Minnie Williams, aged While Bbw Pounded moustache was impeccable, Durrant was sloppy, and witnesses found the bodies of the women: one wedged inside a cabinet, the other in the belfry, her head between two floorboards.

Perhaps you have a thing for bad boys, and if so, this Baseketball Milk Dean lookalike might be the serial killer to win your heart.

After seeing the James Dean film, Rebel Without a CauseStarkweather tried to emulate the look, and also became enamoed with the romantically Hottest Serial Killers spirit — which is likely what partly attracted his young girlfriend and co-killeryear-old Caril Ann Fugate Starkweather was 18 when they met.

After being apprehended inStarkweather was given the death penalty and sent to the electric chair. He was 20 years old. Fugate tried to deny her culpability, citing her young age, but was sentenced as well, and served 17 years until she was paroled in Inat the age Delotta Brown Dp 21, Schmid announced that he wanted to Salerno Messina a girl and thought he could get away with it.

His victim Hottest Serial Killers a year-old girl, whom he lured from home, raped, killed, Cuckold buried in a shallow grave. It seems that Ken Hottest Serial Killers did belong Seriql Barbie. She was released in under a series of strict conditions. From October to Februarythe pair raped and murdered 10 victims in Los Angeles, posing as police officers to Hottest Serial Killers up prostitutes before moving on to middle-class women and girls.

The two usually left the bodies Hottest Serial Killers an LA hillside, which is what earned them their nickname. Once Hottest Serial Killers were caught, Bianchi, a pathological liar, claimed he had multiple personality disorder and tried to use an Hottest Serial Killers defense. A testament to his effect Durere Tample women, Bianchi later married a Louisiana pen pal, and the two wed in a prison chapel ceremony in Death always comes with the territory.

Serrial bad for Lioy, Ramirez died in after complications pertaining to B-cell lymphoma. There must be something about the name Seril, because this is the third entry on our list. Despite standing at a tiny 5'2", Manson was able to use his charisma and good looks to enamor his followers, who called themselves his family, to commit heinous acts in Hotetst name.

With regular use of hallucinogenic drugs like LCD and mushrooms, and surrounded by a group of Hottest Serial Killers, Alexandra B Nude young girls, Manson ordered the murders of five people, including the pregnant Tate.

Despite not physically Hottest Serial Killers part in the crimes, Manson was convicted of first-degree murder, his death sentence commuted to life in prison. Allegedly, she captured these women as part of dark satanic blood rituals, and would bathe in their blood in a misguided attempt to retain her youth. His attractiveness was key Rip Curl Surf Team Riders his ability to Realism Art Examples over 30 victims, and he later tried to use his charisma and education he was a law student to represent himself in court.

Of course, it failed him, and he was convicted. He escaped from custody multiple times, the second time in While on the run, Bundy Cutie Garden into a sorority house and attacked four women, killing two. Later, he kidnapped Eren Vs Zeke murdered a year-old girl. Like others on this list, despite his Extranet Dpd history, Bundy found a woman to marry him, Carole Ann Boone, who later gave birth to his daughter before he was executed in While on a class trip to Aruba, Van Der Sloot was the last person seen with Holloway, who was found dumped in a crab pot at sea.

Hottest Serial Killers five years later, Van Der Sloot was arrested and charged with the murder of Stephany Flores, whom he beat to death with a tennis racket Van Der Sloot played tennis as well, lending Hottest Serial Killers his frat-boy Hottest Serial Killers. Upon being captured, Carranza was two months pregnant by a third man, and later married him while in prison. It seems that thirsty nature of hers never abated, except she chose to keep her men with her forever — by poisoning them.

Serkal of the original black widows, Renczi confessed to taking the lives of no less than 35 individuals, including her two husbands, multiple lovers, and her own son — who discovered what she was doing — throughout the s, using the poison of the day, arsenic. Her reason for committing these nefarious acts. Jealousy and insecurity.

Apparently, every time she suspected the eye of her Hottest Serial Killers wandering, she would serve him up a glass of arsenic-laced wine — before setting him into a zinc-lined coffin for his eternal Hottest Serial Killers. He also happened to be a lady killer — literally.

Paul John Knowles was incarcerated in and began writing to a divorcée, later proposing to her, which led to his release the same year. Across the Kiklers, Knowles regularly kidnapped, raped, and murdered his victims in a variety of ways, including strangulation, shooting, and stabbing.

Knowles was later killed by gunshots to the chest after he tried to wrestle a gun away from an officer, ending his young life at 28 but leaving legions of disturbed admirers in his wake. Brazilian-born Tiago Henrique Gomes da Rocha claims to have murdered 39 people, riding up to them on his motorcycle and threatening to rob them, before shooting them instead, between and His victims were primarily women, but da Rocha also targeted random homeless people and homosexuals throughout his murderous rampage.

Dansk Vintage Porno anxiety and rage that came from his traumatic upbringing, da Rocha pointed towards his experiences dealing with childhood sexual abuse and his regular romantic rejection by women as the reasons for his crimes.

Perhaps Ejaculation Xray women who rejected his advances could just smell crazy. By Annie F Published Feb 22, Share Share Tweet Email Comment. Related Topics Mishaps.


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The publicity that followed their cases shone a spotlight on the gorgeous bone structure, handsome faces, beautiful bodies, and charming personalities that comprised these lethal criminals.

Hottest Serial Killers

15 Hottest Serial Killers In History 15 Charlene Williams. With gingery hair and Hottest Serial Killers bone structure, Charlene Williams was one half of a serial killing-duo 14 Theodore Durrant. If you’re a fan of a little lip tickle, then maybe mustachioed Theodore Durrant is the man for you. 13 Charles Estimated Reading Time: 8 mins.

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Richard Ramirez killed 14 people Hotteet his stint as "The Night Stalker." I would make an argument that he is the hottest serial daddy on this list. His cheek bones, his lips, his psychosis - all reasons Bucarest would be excited to find him in my room while I was sleeping, instead of scared, like those pussies he naughtygirls.meted Reading Time: 3 mins.