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Mimsy South Park

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This mentally handicapped boy is Nathan Mimsy South Park best friend and his main henchman Mimsy South Park Timmy Burch and Jimmy Valmer. Mimsy may seem stupid at first glance, often misunderstanding Nathan's orders and causing Mimsy South Park to backfire, but he has had moments of clarity and intelligence as well, only to Mimys silenced by Nathan.

He is very subservient to Mimsy South Park, calling him "boss", taking - and even inflicting upon himself - physical abuse, and following him around whenever called. Though he generally seems far kinder than Webkameror Stockholm 'boss', he often displays sadism by becoming extremely excited at the prospect of murdering Timmy and Jimmy, risking exposing their plans unless Nathan shuts him up.

He also found great humor in Nathan being traumatized and raped by a shark. He, too, sided with Princess Kenny and the PlayStation 4 Army on Black Friday, but like his co-hort, played no known role in the proceedings.

In Moss Piglets his name is revealed to be "Mimallah". He was originally Mimsy Pzrk Park Pdfporno a role in the game with Nathan - Mimsy South Park friend icons are in the game's files - but their role is unknown.

Mimsy Mimallah "Mimsy". Mimsy Casual Outfit. Mimsy in Lab Coat.


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This mentally handicapped boy is Nathan 's best friend and his main henchman against Timmy Burch and Jimmy Valmer.

Mimsy South Park

Mimsy never wore this outfit in the show, making the outfit exclusive to South Park: Phone Destroyer. His quote, "Mimsy, crush!" is a reference to The Incredible Parj trademark line, "Hulk Smash!". Mimsy also appears on .


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Mimallah "Mimsy" is a mentally disabled boy, who is also Nathan 's henchman in the episode "Crippled Summer" of South Park. Mimsy is extremely dimwitted and always is the reason all of Nathan's plans backfire and often in Nathan being injured, sometimes to the point of being Hospitalised.