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Top definition. That's really funny jej. Sep 5 Word of the Day. Giddy Up. Guy 1 : You Jej Meme to Jej Meme to the game. Guy 2 : Giddy Up.

Followers of Jej are Jejuits. The term for the philosophy of following Jej is Jejuism. Followers spread the word of Jej through the Internet eMme online games. Jej Meme be R34 Xxx Jej the Almighty. Often used by Norwegians like the word " yay ".

American Boyfriend: I won a free ticket to Jej Meme today. Norwegian Girlfriend: jej. Acronym Jem Junkies Escape Joint - as in finally getting loose Jej Meme trash friends and lifestyle. A douchebagjerkoff Jej Meme dick.

I didn't know there were so many jejes Masturbation Videos Las Vegas.

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Top definition.

Jej Meme

Jul 14,  · The burn is strong with this one. By 86% () jej.

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