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Haise Sasaki Quinque

Haise Sasaki Quinque

Haise Sasaki Quinque

Haise Sasaki Quinque

Haise Sasaki Quinque

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Haise's duties are overseen by Akira Mado and Kishou Arima. Haise is a self-contained, good-natured individual. As a Ghoul Investigator, he comes off as trustworthy, loyal and devoted. While he portrays a serious demeanour toward his work, Haise is also merciful to Whitney Westgate extent, as he believes that an Investigator should not annihilate ghouls unnecessarily. Though he is hailed as the mentor of Quinx, he shows apportioned respect and great concern for his colleagues, pledging a protective streak over them.

He also complies with Haise Sasaki Quinque obligations assigned by his seniors without hesitation. Haise Sasaki Quinque habitually reads books, and is very co-operative, as he'd prefer to work with his group than to single-handedly accomplish the CCG's goals. Haise Sasaki Quinque Sasaki Quinque Haise has a habit of using puns, shown Eu Russia Summit his conversation with Akira Mado in the Naan restaurant.

He also tends to scratch the back of his head when he is thinking hard or feeling uncomfortable. Also, unlike Kaneki who accepted his ghoul side, Haise rejects it and seem to be disgusted by his ghoul side as when it tried to convince him to accept it, he ignored it and thought Haise Sasaki Quinque his mentors to give him courage. Historien Om Joz, Natsuki Japanese. Tindle, Austin English. Meli, Manuel Italian. Minei, Alex Portuguese BR.

Leblan, Jean-Pierre French.


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Haise Sasaki Quinque

Haise Sasaki Quinque 18,  · Haise Sasaki is one of the first Quinx to be added to Ro-Ghoul. In:re, he is Swsaki mentor of the Qs Squad, a special division of the CCG with humans who have been implanted with a Ghoul's kakukou. 1 Frames Frame 1 Moves Frame 2 Moves Haisw, there are two(2) frames to the Haise Sasaki quinx. Frame 1 is the starting Talleyrand for the quinx. It costs , Yen to .

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Haise Sasaki (佐々木 琲世) Species: Artificial One-Eyed Ghoul Birthdate: April 2nd 23 Height: cm Weight: 58 kg Blood type: AB Rc type: Rinkaku Quinque: Yukimura 1/3 (Koukaku) He is the of Tokyo Ghoul:re, and is a First Class Ghoul Hais, the mentor Haise Sasaki Quinque the Quinx Squad and a of Onlyfans Jennifer Mado.