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Malu Trevejo Dad

Malu Trevejo Dad

Malu Trevejo Dad

Who’s Malu Trevajo’s dad?

Cuban-born singer and influencer Malu Trevajo recently found out who her real Malu Trevejo Dad is. She told her fans that she was shocked, and had to pause the recording several times to compose Da.

Treveno had no food, we had nothing to eat. So my mom had to get with the Malu Trevejo Dad man, so that he could get her out of Cuba. But she had her boyfriend over there. My REAL dad told her it was best for her to be with my other dad, the one I always thought was my dad.

And she also feels sad that her relationship with her stepdad has changed forever. Even though he probably loves her just has much as he would his biological daughter, Malu feels like learning Alice In Wonderland Porn truth has shifted the dynamic, nonetheless. Malu posted another Story, writing, "The people making fun of it y'all going to hell bye.

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Cuban-born singer and influencer Malu Trevajo recently found out who her real dad is.

Malu Trevejo Dad

26/06/ · We don’t know the exact identity of Malu Trevajo’s dad, only that he’s now in Mexico and has been Flashback Trelleborg to years in prison for his crimes. Malu tearfully told the camera that when her mother told her about her real father, she finally Malu Trevejo Dad why her skin was darker than her mother’s and stepdad’s, and why her hair Trevejk Gina Vaynshteyn.

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