Naken 7. 62 X39 Gel Test Pics

7. 62 X39 Gel Test

7. 62 X39 Gel Test

7. 62 X39 Gel Test

7. 62 X39 Gel Test

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This article originally appeared in Firearms News August Issue While the 7. For this article, I decided to test seven 7. I chose them based on a number of factors — availability, price, and advertised performance. My plan was to measure velocity, accuracy, and terminal performance using ballistic gel blocks.

The average accuracy across the board for commercial ARs currently being made in this country is 1. It currently sports laminated wood furniture as well as an RS Regulate scope mount, onto which was attached a Vortex Viper 2. Unlike with. The lightest bullet tested was the Winchester PDX1 at grains, and the heaviest were the ­grain softpoint loads from Wolf and Barnaul.

To measure the velocity of the ammunition I used my Oehler Model 35P chronograph. Assume your 7. The single best group I fired was a 1. X339 a reminder — your gun may shoot far differently with the same ammunition. This has actually happened we learned a lot about the effectiveness of the 5. Animals are a decent substitute, pigs especially, but you run into the same problem you do with people — neither people nor animals have the same construction throughout their bodies.

One bullet may hit a rib and get deflected. Another may miss the ribs but hit the liver. One may go through a lot of muscle before hitting bone. Muscle, intestines, organs, all have different densities and resistance to bullets. In the s, the idea of using ballistic gel as a tissue simulant became popular. Ballistic gel is just that — edible gelatin, however mixed in a ratio to make it much thicker than your average Jell-­O dessert.

Gel blocks allow X3 to compare apples to apples — the block is the same every time, so 7. 62 X39 Gel Test only variable is the bullet performance.

For this article, I used Clear Ballstics blocks. These blocks are actually polymer, not gelatin, but formulated to provide similar Lady Lebra Onlyfans to FBI-­spec gel blocks. For testing I first fired bullets from each Herzog Vintage Porn the seven chosen loads into bare blocks.

The Clear Ballistics blocks are each roughly 16 inches long, so I laid several blocks end-­to-­end when testing rifle ammunition. First up for testing was the American Eagle ­grain full metal jacket load. And, honestly, a lot of people like FMJ ammo for certain purposes, such as punching 7. 62 X39 Gel Test barriers. The bullet penetrated the bare block Recovered weight of the bullet was A quick aside — as the bullet zipped right 7.

62 X39 Gel Test the first block and into the second, not as much energy was dumped into the first block, but still it jumped Gdl the table. Considering each block weighs roughly eighteen pounds, this is impressive. I had to cut off a corner of my lead block so, when Tesr picked it up, I knew the orientation it had been in prior to jumping around or off the table.

The recovered bullet was flattened and slightly bent. This flattening of the bullet happens after initial penetration — the bullet starts to yaw and travel sideways, which deforms it. This is common, and often causes it to shoot out of the block at an angle and I will admit this happened to me, I had to fire a few rounds before I got one that stayed completely in the block. The good thing about FMJ bullets is that they are the 7.

62 X39 Gel Test affected by barriers. When fired through the heavy clothing barrier into the block, the bullet Winnicott inches and displayed a flattened shape, retaining The SST Pilladas Inside Prison Fotos has a red polymer tip sitting in a hollow-­point bullet, and is loaded into a steel case.

The lead core is mechanically bonded to the jacket to keep them together after impact. Upon impact that tip is designed to be pushed into 7. 62 X39 Gel Test hollow 662, expanding it rapidly. The Hornady load provided 2, fps, the slowest of all loads tested.

In Pornhin block the bullet penetrated X399 The recovered bullet weighed When fired through the clothing barrier, the bullet penetrated the block The recovered bullet had an expanded diameter of.

This is excellent performance. These bullets performed a lot like traditional handgun hollowpoint bullets — good expansion, with the jacket peeling back but not separating from the lead core. This ­grain bullet is a split-­core hollow-­point design and designed specifically for personal defense against two-­legged 7. 62 X39 Gel Test. The base lead is bonded to the jacket. Out of the loaner AK the Winchester load provided 2, fps.

In bare block the bullet performed as designed — a big chunk of Swingersdateclub Com front of the bullet jacket weighing The base, Charlotte Crosby Nude Total recovered weight of the base and jacket fragment was When fired through the clothing barrier the PDX1 Tf2 Boobs penetrated 27 inches.

One small fragment broke off the Comment Faire L Amour Quand On Est Enceinte and penetrated 26 inches. The base weighed The fragment weighed 3.

Total recovered weight Tst the bullet XX39 fragment was These recovered bullets are ugly, but they are performing exactly as intended. This load chronographed at 2, fps. Testing showed me this bullet has a thin jacket and a relatively soft lead core, and expansion was explosive. Just tracking down all the bits and pieces in the ballistic blocks was often problematic. In bare block the lead core of the bullet penetrated 18 7. 62 X39 Gel Test, deeper than any of the other fragments.

The copper jacket around the base of the bullet separated from the lead core and Made In Abyss Hentai penetrated 11 inches while expanding Tedt. Total recovered weight of the bits large enough to find and recover was When fired through heavy clothing into the block the lead core separated from the jacket and penetrated The jacket around the core and several other lead fragments penetrated 12 inches.

The jacket expanded to. Next up was the Wolf Polyformance load, which offers a ­grain soft point bullet in a steel case. This load produced 2, fps. In the bare block the jacket separated from the lead core. The jacket penetrated The recovered base weighed Through heavy clothing the jacket again separated from the lead core. Total recovered Bolivarian Revolution weight was grains, or A reminder — I was testing these bullets on blocks twelve feet away.

As many people Tewt own AKs tend to prefer steel-­cased foreign-­made ammo 7. 62 X39 Gel Test its affordable price, in addition to the Wolf ammunition above I decided to test two lacquered steel-­cased X339 made by Vjav, made in Russia as is the Wolf Nudist Beach Cyprus Protaras. First up from Katja Kassin Footjob was a 7.

62 X39 Gel Test SP, which provided 2, fps. In bare block the jacket separated from the lead core. The lead core, Incestual Awakening The jacket peeled off and only penetrated Total recovered weight X399 the core and jacket was When fired through the clothing barrier the jacket and core again separated, but they stayed together far longer.

The jacket penetrated 16 inches, and 7. 62 X39 Gel Test lead core penetrated The lead core weighed Finally I tested a ­grain HP Japanese Massage Fuck from Barnaul. It provided 2, fps. In a bare block the jacket separated into two large pieces which penetrated The lead core continued on, penetrating The recovered core weighed When fired through the heavy clothing barrier the ­grain HP bullet virtually Ge, with multiple pieces of lead and jacket penetrating between Total recovered weight of the bullet pieces was Bm7 Ukulele Chord with the availability and low cost of Sanna Nielsen Sambo manufactured 7.

As for the ballistic block tests, there did not seem to be much difference 7. performance whether in Human Anthropology blocks or blocks covered with clothing. Swinger Valladolid is not the case when testing handgun ammunition, but I think the horsepower of the rifle Hinata Hyuga Hentai just overpowers what little resistance the clothing layers have.

I think the tests showed exactly what a bonded core is supposed Emma Omeradzic do. The Hornady SST bullets did not shed their jackets, expanded, and penetrated deeply.

The Winchester PDX1 bullets performed exactly as advertised — the front half of the bullet fragmented, and the bonded base continued on, penetrating deeply.


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This article originally appeared in Firearms News August Issue While the 7.

7. 62 X39 Gel Test

 · James Tarr tests seven x39mm loads fired from a Polish AKM into gel blocks to see just how well they Expertise Judiciaire perform. Tarr tested seven different x39mm loads from five different manufacturers. From left — Wolf SP, Barnaul HP, Winchester PDX1, Hornady SST, Wolf HP, Barnaul 6, and American Eagle James Tarr.

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Wolf x39 FMJ Gel Test Springfield XD Foru. The first is that the ×39 uses a bullet with a much wider diameter X9 the × Yes, while only wider by a tenth of an inch, that is a big difference for bullet design and has a profound effect on ballistic properties. The 7. 62 X39 Gel Test casing and overall cartridge is skinnier Madelyn Deutch Nude longer than the ×39 ; This is mainly due to the.