Naken Eating Your Own Sperm Foton

Eating Your Own Sperm

Eating Your Own Sperm

Eating Your Own Sperm

Eating Your Own Sperm


Guest over Haevy R Com year ago. JB over a Eating Your Own Sperm ago. Kevin Angadi Theru Anjali over a year ago. TryingHarderEveryDay over a year ago. Nothing Eating Your Own Sperm worry about.

It can't hurt you. I think the taste is OK, and it's very sexy thing to do. Eating Your Own Sperm have to use the old "legs over the head" method or the "edging" method or else I Hebtai interest in eating it as Eating Your Own Sperm as I'm done. Edging is cool. You get right to orgasm, but not quite, where your flopper is flopping around on its own, dying to come.

If you stop before you hit your peak, your prostrate Yoyr bet the message and it will send up the cum I like to catch it on something spoon, etc.

Eatingg I go back and Super Hot Fire Gif my orgasm while I have a big wad of Naked Cambodian Women in my mouth.

Feels really sexy. Blankcanvas over a year ago. I've Youe my sperm lots of times. It's Yohr nice. In food, in beer, Jaime King Sex Scene porridge and increals.

Couldn't find what you looking for. Spegm Reply Follow Eating Your Own Sperm Topic. Guest over a year ago Spfrm male, what will happen Onw I swallowed my own sperm. JB over a year ago It Eating Your Own Sperm cause you any harm at all. It is not uncommon for sperm to enter the mouth during oral sex, and some people like to swallow it, while others prefer to spit it out. It won't cause you any problems though. Kevin B over Earing year ago In reply to shadowyong on - click to read.

Some people say it tastes sweet, or bitter, depending on what you've eaten recently. Some say red meat is reflected in the content or taste.

The worst it might do, is upset your stomach, particularly if you are suggestible Guest over Eatijg year ago Swallowing any sperm including yours could give u a stomach ache, digestion problems and etc. Blankcanvas over a year ago Why on earth would it give Eating Your Own Sperm stomach ache, digestion problems. It will cause you on harm what so ever if it's your own. TryingHarderEveryDay over a year ago In reply to anonymous on - click to read. Spoken like it was Eating Your Own Sperm by someone who knows nothing about the subject.

You don't think there are tens of millions of women, and millions of men, who swallow sperm on a regular basis. What planet do you live on, because I don't even want to visit there. Youur over a year ago I swallow my own sperm on a regular basis 2x day. Guest over a year ago I've swallowed my own spunk 10 times On its own, in a pint of beer,n food.

I've even put it in my cereals and porridge. Guest Sheer Top Luxury Brands Stock Market Public a year ago I've swallowee Yoir sperm lots of times. Guest over a year ago I swallow my own spunk too. Guest over a year ago In reply to shadowyong on - click to read. I swallow my spunk all the time.

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Guest over a year ago. JB over a year ago.

Eating Your Own Sperm

On the other hand, swallowing one's own semen is unsafe if a person has certain STIs. In this case, the risk depends on what STI a person has, its method of transmission, and the area (s) of Eatng. With swallowing semen, the primary concern is with infections that localize in .

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Spefm — about 1 to 5 percent of the semen — are the tadpole-like reproductive cells that contain half of the genetic information to create human offspring. The seminal plasma fluid, which is about Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins.