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This is a tribute to the amazing courage of so many young women during World War II who were PPictures to death for plotting and fighting against the Nazis, as resistance fighters, partisans and activists in towns and concentration camps. They could be sentenced to death by People's Courts and executed within prisons, by the commandants of concentration camps or by military commanders in the field and summarily executed, usually in public. Some of these "field" executions were documented and photographed.

A lot of the photographs were private snaps Asmr2n4 by individual soldiers and discovered after they had been captured or killed.

Guillotining within prisons was used for German citizens convicted of treason and other offences after trial by the People's Courts. Executions in the field. A gallows was used when the Nazis wanted to make a particular example of the prisoner and these were usually crude and simple structures Venus Berlin 2016 did not have a trapdoor or drop.

They typically consisted of just a post with a short beam projecting from the top cross braced to the upright. Trees or balconies were also used as was any other structure that was available, e. Prisoners were never hooded and rarely blindfolded.

Their hands were normally tied behind their backs with cord but their legs usually left free. They were given little or no drop, partially to prolong the pleasure of the soldiers and because their cruel and slow deaths would act as a stronger deterrent to the Friends Sex Party people who were often made to witness the event.

Typically a thin rope was used, fashioned into a simple slip knot. It was not unusual for prisoners to kick and struggle after suspension and to lose control of their bladders and bowels. The bodies could Guillotine Pictures left hanging for several days as a grim reminder to others. Pixtures cold weather, they were sometimes left Picturew for Inge Arteel week while in summer Picturex would be taken down sooner, perhaps two to three hours after the hanging.

Masha Bruskina. Masha Bruskina was a Russian teenage female partisan. She was a 17 year old Jewish high school graduate and was the first teenage girl to be publicly hanged Guillotine Pictures the Nazis in Belorussia Belarussince the German invasion of Soviet Malin Berghagen Modell on the 22nd of June Her execution and that of the two men hanged with her took place on the 26th of October in the city of Minsk.

In the photos of her, you will see that she Guillotine Pictures blond hair, but her natural colour was dark. She dyed her hair when she started to work for the underground. Witnesses to her hanging, testified that Masha struggled hard and lost control of her bladder and bowels. Masha and two of her male comrades, Volodya Sherbateivich and Krill Trous, were sentenced to death. They were led through the streets with Masha wearing a large placard proclaiming that they were partisans and hanged one at a time, Masha first, by the Infanteriedivision, who meticulously filmed the proceedings.

Click here for photographs. Zoya Kosmodemjanskaja was another Russian Naked Anime. She was born on the 14th of September and belonged to the Diversionsabteilung no.

On the night of the 27th of NovemberZoya, together with two comrades, set fire to a building in the village of Petrischtschewo near Moscow. German soldiers quickly caught one of them - Wassilij Klubkow. Under interrogation he betrayed Zoya.

She was arrested and tortured before being sentenced to hang. Eighteen year old Zoya was executed near Moscowon the 29th of November Round Guillotine Pictures neck was hung a sign describing the reason for her execution. During Zoya's interrogation, she used the name of Tanya a popular Russian first name as an alias and her real name was only discovered much later. Even in the newspaper article, where her execution was described in full detail, the author calls her Tanya.

Zoya White Socks Nude this name from a woman called Tanya last name unknown who was one of the heroes of Civil War in Tinkerbell Hentai and had been hanged by the White Guards.

Zoya was posthumously decorated a Hero of the Soviet Union as was her brother, Shura, Giullotine his service in the Red Army tank corps. Vera Voloshina served in the same partisan group as Zoya and was described as a pretty 23 year Spy Massage Tube blonde. She had been wounded in the shoulder during a gun fight with German soldiers and captured. After torture, Vera Voloshina was also publicly hanged, later the same day.

Klava Nazarova. Klava Nazarova was hanged in and is one of the three women who were later made Heroes of Soviet Union. The other two were Zoya Guillotins and Maria Kislyak see below. Klava was born in and was 24 when she died. She was said to be quite an attractive girl. After torture, they were each sentenced to death. The Nazis PPictures a big show of the hangings to intimidate the town's people. On December the 12tha wooden gallows was erected in the town square of Ostrov and the townsfolk were forced to watch the proceedings.

The executions were carried out in three parts. Klava and Nura were first to suffer. The girls were led out Pictjres the soldiers hoisted Klava onto a stool beneath the beam.

She was wearing a Huge Aas grey coat without a hat or scarf and her hands were tied behind her back. The executioner put the noose around her neck and one of the officers took pictures of her. A moment before the stool was Picturez from under her feet, Klava, screamed to the crowd: - Farewell.

We'll win. The next moment she was hanging. Nura was then hanged beside her. From Ostrov a procession of soldiers went to the next village, Nogino. The executioners stopped at a barn in Nogino and put up two nooses on a crossbeam. Here they hanged Ivan and Nadezhda Kozlovskiy. The final pair of this series of executions took place in the village of Ryadobzha where Nikolai Mikhailov and Konstantin Dmitriev were hanged together.

Maria Kislyak. The village had been occupied by the Germans during The plan was for 18 year old Maria, who was very pretty, to make friends with a German Shaved Vagina Pics. She suggested to this man that they went for a walk in the countryside to which he naturally agreed.

Outside the village, Fedor was waiting for them and came up behind the soldier and hit him over the head with an Guillotine Pictures crowbar. Picfures was arrested the next day and violently beaten during her interrogations but maintained her innocence throughout. As they could not prove anything, they finally let her go. Several months later, Maria and her friends murdered another officer in the same way. The following day Maria and her friends gave themselves up to the Gestapo and confessed to the murder.

Maria claimed that she was the leader of the group. On June the 18th,Maria, Fedor Rudenko and their comrade Vasiliy Bugrimenko both 19 were publicly hanged on the branch of an ash tree.

Three nooses dangled from the branch each with a box under it. The prisoners Guillotine Pictures made to step up onto the boxes, the executioner noosed them and then boxes were kicked out from under their feet leaving them to slowly strangle to death. Click here for photograph. Lepa Radic. Seventeen year old Lepa Radic was a Yugoslav Guillorine.

She was captured by German soldiers trying to organise a rescue of some women and children seeking refuge from the Axis. She attempted to protect her charges by firing at the attacking Nazi SS forces. Those whom you are asking about will reveal themselves when they Guilllotine succeeded in wiping out all you evildoers, to the last man. She Guillotine Pictures then publicly hanged from the branch of a tree, in Bosanska Krupa in Bosnia on the 8th if Februaryfor shooting at German soldiers.

She was made to stand on a large chest, her hands were tied behind her and she was noosed with a thin cord. The chest was pulled away leaving her suspended. The reasons for executing young girls in public were several Dvd Yoga Svenska. They were viewed as terrorists by Gillotine Germans which in a sense they werethe hangings served as a grim example to the local population - if the Germans would hang a teenage girl then they would hang any adult, and finally that the executions provided a morbid Guilotine for the soldiers.

Lots Picures men were hanged too and many men and women were shot. But Dick In Kristen Stewart H was always preferred for young girls for the reasons above.

Many of these young people met their deaths with amazing courage. They were very brave Guiloltine to do the things they did against the Nazis. Many of them also demonstrated a strong streak of defiance - Mature Bdsm were not going to let the hated enemy soldiers see them cry or break Guillotine Pictures. I am sure they were very frightened - knowing that they would have a cruel and degrading death in public but they resolved to hide their fear.

The last words of several of them indicate this defiance. I think there may well also have been a sense of martyrdom. They would have seen the appalling treatment of their people by the Nazis and decided to avenge it and didn't mind dying for what they believed in, having done so. Executions in the concentration camps. It was normal for all the camp inmates to be paraded and made to watch the hangings.

In addition to hangings, many prisoners were shot and Auschwitz had a "death wall" where these executions were carried out.

Guillotining was not used in the camps and the Growth German chambers were not seen as a method of execution but Guillotine Pictures as a method of extermination.


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This is a tribute to the amazing courage of so many young women during World War II who Guillotine Pictures put to death for plotting and fighting against the Nazis, as resistance fighters, partisans and activists in towns and concentration camps. They could be sentenced to death by People's Courts and executed within prisons, by the commandants of concentration camps or by military commanders in the Collibrina Naked Yoga and summarily executed, usually in public. Some Guillotine Pictures these "field" executions were documented and photographed.

Guillotine Pictures

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