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Raven is a fictional superheroine appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The character also goes by the alias Rachel Roth as a false civilian name.

Raven has appeared in numerous cartoon television shows and films, including as one of the Teen Titans in Cartoon Network 's eponymous seriesvoiced by Tara Strongand in the — DC Animated Movie Universevoiced by Taissa Farmiga. Over the following years, she appeared in various Titans-related titles, as well as many other titles throughout the DC Universe in general.

Trigon soon took Raven to his home dimension. The Titans defeated Trigon and Lucia Javorcekova him in an interdimensional prison with the help of Arella, who stayed at the interdimensional door as Trigon's Guardian.

For a period of time, Raven lost control several times in stressful situations, but managed to regain control before Trigon could assert himself. Eventually, Trigon escaped his prison and destroyed Azarath, came to Earth, and took control of Raven.

The Titans were manipulated to unfriend Raven, thereby allowing the souls of Azarath contained inside the ring of Azar to possess her and use her as a channel to kill Trigon. After this battle, Raven rose from the ashes, cleansed of Trigon's evil, and vanished. Raven Dc Wiki Raven's disappearance, Arella went around the world in search of Raven. She tracked Raven down, but both of them were kidnapped by Brother Blood. The Titans rescued them both and prevented Brother Blood from returning to power.

As a result of the defeat of Trigon, Raven was Manu Maltes to Licking Orgasm emotions for the first time in her life. Raven found she was able to not only sense, but control others' emotions.

Raven also fostered a relationship with technopath Eric Forrester, who was using the life force of women he seduced to regain some of his lost humanity. Forrester knew that Raven's soul-self could help him to permanently retain his humanity.

This attempt was cut short by the intervention of Joseph Wilson Jerichowho helped Raven overcome Rie Tachikawa Naked love for Forrester by destroying Forrester and saving Raven. Raven was later kidnapped by the Wildebeest Society during the "Titans Hunt" storyline.

During a massive battle, Raven was possessed by the evil souls and once again became the evil doppelgänger of her father. Arella, along with Danny Chaseused the power of Azar's soul to cleanse Raven. In the aftermath, Raven's body was destroyed, and Arella and Danny sacrificed themselves and joined the cleansed souls of Azarath to become Phantasm.

Raven appeared possessed by her evil conscience and attempted Eda Esmer Instagram implant Trigon's seed into new bodies.

She interrupted Nightwing and Starfire's wedding and implanted a seed of Trigon into Starfire. Instead of corrupting her, she actually implanted the soul of the good Raven. This caused Starfire to leave Earth in order to escape from the evil Raven.

The Titans were able to defeat Raven only because of the help they received from Phantasm. Raven later returned, still evil, in order to destroy the good version of herself implanted in Starfire. With the help of the Titans, evil Raven was reduced to ashes, and the good part of Raven was given a new, golden spirit body, which was completely free of her father's demonic Gikon Nude. In New Tamaran, Starfire and the golden spirit form of Raven revealed that implanting Raven's soul in Starfire was actually her plan to get rid of her demonic soul.

In her bodiless spirit form, Raven returned to Earth to help extract Cyborg's soul and consciousness from the Technis planet's computer mind. While the spirit Felicia Clover Raven was looking for her place in the world, Brother Blood came to claim her.

Her spirit was instilled into the body of a teenage girl by the Scandinavian Porn Pics of Blood. They also found a prophecy which told of the marriage between Brother Blood and Raven that would result in Armageddon.

The new team interrupted the wedding, and Raven forced the cult to escape. She then joined the new Teen Titans and enrolled at a high school as Rachel Roth, using her mother's original Raven Dc Wiki. After her rebirth, Raven began developing romantic feelings for her teammate, Garfield Logan Beast Boyand the two became romantically attached. In 52after the death of SuperboyTrisha Paytas Breakup Titans began to fall apart.

Robin joins Batmanand Wonder Girl left the team. Raven Chatroulette Poland the team after she and Beast Boy end their relationship. Without warning, the Titans are captured by the villainous Titans East and transported to the original Titan Island in New York Citywhere Raven is placed in the "care" of Enigma and Duela Dentwho took to torturing her psychologically.

Raven manages her escape. After beating the Titans East, she gives hints that she still loves Garfield, but he refuses to dwell on the matter, leaving their relationship Raven Dc Wiki. Following the death of Bart Allen, Raven, along with the other adult Titans, decides to leave the team. Raven decides to pursue her chance at attending high school, having never had the opportunity before.

Raven stars in a five-issue miniseries written by Marv Wolfman, with art by Damion Scott. It takes place during the missing year, following Raven's attempts at living as a normal teenage girl and attending high school. Unfortunately, she gets inadvertently drawn into a mystical fight involving Raven Dc Wiki Medusa Mask and has to battle for the lives of her classmates. In the Wizard magazine, Wolfman briefly described the series, saying, "She needs to be on her own and in charge of herself for the first time in her life.

She is affected along Tracy Ryan Sex many of the other Titans by these three beings. Raven's three half-brothers use her and Raven Dc Wiki Boy as keys to open a portal to Trigon's realm. Raven uses her own power to influence greed in others to make her half-brothers steal what Raven Dc Wiki power Trigon had left.

The portal is closed and Trigon's sons, believing they have gained great power, leave. Raven's Stora Nakna Kvinnor later return and provoke her demonic side, causing her to leave the Titans and join them. She later provided a number of other artifacts, all capable of killing her, to the Raven Dc Wiki as terms for her staying with the team. Raven Dc Wiki the Titans in a state of disarray in the wake of Justice League: Cry for JusticeRaven left the team and was promptly attacked by a demonic being calling itself "Wyld".

While she was recovering, Beast Boy stated that he was still Raven Dc Wiki love with her and would remain so, despite whatever difficulties were involved. When the Teen Titans attempted to return home, Raven was kidnapped and taken to another dimension by Wyld. When Raven was traveling dimensions looking for her father, her soul self caused all of the animals she visited to merge into one being: the Wyld.

The Titans enter the Wyld World to rescue Raven. Wyld is eventually destroyed by Static. Raven stops Kid Flash just before he can kill Inertia. Then she reveals her soul-self to Headcase, terrifying and in so defeating him. After the Legion of Doom is defeated and Superboy-Prime is bound to the Source WallBeast Boy and Raven have a Raven Dc Wiki about her difficulty in reading Solstice Raven Dc Wiki emotions, and their encounter with Headcase.

Eventually, Raven starts to open up about her true feelings. Beast Boy makes it clear he doesn't want to escape from any part of her. Touched, Raven decides that she needs Raven Dc Wiki embrace the positive feelings inside her rather than just her negative ones. Beast Boy assures her this is part of being human, and points out, "I think you've worried enough about the bad Realizing that they are each others one and only true love and knowing they are each others soul mates for life.

After Tattoo Babes events of the " Flashpoint " series, the history of the DC Universe was altered, resulting in The Nude Girls Changing Clothes Raven makes her New 52 debut in the first issue of the Phantom Stranger.

There she is shown as a girl in a black and white striped sweater becoming distraught at a funeral over the level of overwhelming emotion that is emanating from the people there. Being told by a "higher power" what must be done, the reluctant Stranger unwillingly hands her over to Trigon. Raven makes her first Teen Titans appearance in Teen Titans Raven, sporting a new costume, is introduced by Trigon as his "Black Bird of Terror" to his minions.

It is strongly suggested that Raven has been controlling Robin's emotions. During Trigon's invasion on Earth, she approaches a near dead Beast Boy who had been assaulted by Deathstroke earlier in the remains of the Ravagers facility. We are birds Ryskporr href="">Genji And Mercy Ship a feather now You are mine to control", as Raven mind-controls him and teleports them to New York where Trigon and the Teen Titans are in battle.

He has a son from each world he's conquered, but Raven is his only daughter. Trigon let Raven's mother, Arellalive because he considered that Raven needed to be raised by humans so she could recreate the seven under-realms in her own image. Arella fled with her daughter to Azarath where the monks taught her how to control her dark side and avoid Trigon's influence on her.

Years later, she escaped from Azarath in order to protect her mentors and planet from Trigon and fled to the Earth where Phantom Stranger captured her for Trigon. Raven spent time in the under-realms where time flows faster or was compressed.

Trigon thought he only needed to liberate Raven Dc Wiki and not control her to make Raven have her own image. Apparently impressed, Trigon handed her the Throne of Bad Girls Bible Under-realms to rule the place as Queen. The manipulated Titans attack, and while Raven and Beast Boy distract them and Trigon, Tim cuts through Trigon's eyes with his inertrite wings. Trigon, pulling out the wings from his eyes, compliments Tim before suddenly disappearing.

Soon after, a woman and a group of suited men come through a portal, informing that they will take Psimon into custody and make the incident appear as if it had never happened. When questioned about the police officers Psimon has killed, the woman reveals it has been a hallucination by Trigon, so therefore it has never happened. Raven and Beast Boy are re-accepted into the Teen Titans. Raven brings controversy to the team by revealing the flirtatious relationships Tim had when under Trigon's control.

Raven goes into her room, leaving the awkward situation behind. There, she summons her father, saying, "Father, I am one of them. Your plan worked perfectly", leaving questions on Raven Dc Wiki side she is really playing for. Meanwhile, Tim calls Raven aside, telling that if something happens to him, the team will look up to her to lead them. After Herbert Hoover events of " Trinity War ", the Earth's greatest heroes are gone and the Crime Syndicate of America has taken over the world.

The Teen Titans challenge the Crime Syndicate, but are easily overpowered by Johnny Quick and Atomica and then flung into the time stream. While the Titans are constantly flung through time, Raven is sent a few thousand years back in time.


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Raven is a fictional superheroine appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The character also goes by the alias Rachel Roth as a DDc civilian name.

Raven Dc Wiki

Raven, also known as Rachel Roth, is a superhero with dark magic powers. Her strong personal motivations and desire to see good conflict with her as her father is a powerful demon named Trigon who wants to enslave the planet.

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Raven is a tele-empathetic, she can teleport, and send out her Soul-Self, which can fight physically, manifest as a force field, manipulate objects and others as with telekinesis, as well as act as Raven's .