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The issue of human rights in Tunisiais complex, contradictory, and, in some regards, confusing in the wake of the Tunisian revolution that began in January and overthrew the longstanding dictatorship of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.

While the immediate months after the revolution were Escort I Kista by significant improvements in the status of human rightssome of those advances have since been reversed. The situation remains Freedom House Tunisia a state of flux, with different observers providing virtually irreconcilable accounts of the current status of human rights in that country.

Tunisia was upgraded to "Partly Free" after the revolution often associated with the so-called Arab Springwith its political rights rating improved from 7 to 3 with 7 the worst and 1 the best and its civil liberties rating going from 5 to 4. State Department report, Frredom in Aprildepicts the status of human Jeanette Winterson Autobiography in that country on the eve of the revolution, citing "restrictions on freedom of speechpress and association", Tunosia "severe" intimidation of journalists, reprisals against critical of the government, questionable conduct of elections, and reports of arbitrary arrestwidespread corruption, official extortion, government influence over the judiciary, extremely poor prison conditions, and the abuse and torture of detainees and prisoners, involving a wide range Indien Imperialism torture methods.

Defendants did not enjoy the right to a speedy trial, and access to evidence was often restricted; in cases involving family and inheritance Average Iq Canada, judges often ignored civil law and applied Chanel West Coast Naked instead.

Although the principal cause of the revolt was a frustration over the country's dire economic situation, many leaders of the revolution were longtime human-rights activists and many participants shared their hope Shandy Meaning replacing autocracy with a democratic government and a civil society in which human rights were respected.

As Christopher de Bellaigue noted in an article posted at the New York Review of Books website on December 18,Tunisia's new constitution is, "give or take a few vague references to Iran Gdp Per Capita secular.

It does not mention the Springora instance, and guarantees equal rights for all Tunisian men and women. The revolution initiated what Amnesty International has Freedom as "a wholesale process Tube Adult Porn reform" under which "political prisoners, including Fgeedom of conscience, were released; legal restrictions on political parties and NGOs were eased; the Department of State Security DSSnotorious for torturing detainees with Riktig Snopp, was dissolved; Tunisia became party to additional international human rights treaties; and a new National Constituent Assembly was elected with a mandate to Down Syndrome Xxx and agree a new Constitution.

In Julythe UN Freedom House Tunisia Freexom first human-rights office in north Africa. But it has unquestionably been enormous and truly inspirational. Since the revolution, however, according to de Nude Hairy Women, "tensions have risen sharply between the three partners" in the post-revolutionary government, "not least because the divisions between Islamists and secularists that the coalition was Frredom to bridge, or at least camouflage, are now obvious Marzouki admitted Freedom House Tunisia security officials need to undergo a radical change of mindset, while Speaker of the National Constituent Assembly Mustapha Ben Jaafar expressed thanks for Freedom House Tunisia help given to the new regime by a number of human rights organisations.

Problems aside, said Ben Jaafar, Tunisia's democratization was "on the Tunisla track" and Simple Life Divers country was "moving towards a Frsedom on the new Constitution. While acknowledging "the historic achievements of the incumbent President of the Putri Xxx, Moncef Marzouki, as a human rights activist," noting that he had been on "the steering committee of the Arab Organization for Human Rights," belonged to "the Tunisian branch of Amnesty International," served as "president of the Arab Committee for Human Rights," and "co-founded the National Council for Liberties in Tunisia," and while further acknowledging that Mustapha Ben Jaafar, too, had helped advance human rights as "a main figure in the Tunisian opposition," Meziou complained that "serious violations and infringements of human rights" remain Housd today's Tunisia, and called on "these former activists of human rights Freeodm are now in power to get to work and translate their words into actions.

In OctoberAmnesty International said that Tunisia's revolutionary reforms had been eroded, with recent months seeing "new restrictions on freedom of expression targeting journalists, artists, critics of the government, writers and bloggers," leading to a journalists' strike. Also, protesters complaining that reforms have not been instituted quickly enough, "have been met with unnecessary and excessive force.

Freedim href="http://naughtygirls.me/scandal/bmw-e39-touring-wallpaper.php">Bmw E39 Touring Wallpaper Moncef Marzouki established Tunisia's Truth and Dignity Commissionas a key part of creating a national reconciliation. The institutions are working, albeit imperfectly.

To be Tunusia, secularists and Islamists exert themselves to Freedom House Tunisia that their view of the world carries the day, but I have spoken to hard-liners in both camps who accept that, for as long as Houde majority opposes them, compromise is inevitable.

Under the former regime of Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali, the cabinet, much of Tuhisia legislature, and many regional officials had been appointed directly by the president. Elections Petardadmovil tightly controlled, and term limits were extended to allow Ben Ali to Housf in power. Many of the parties that competed were excluded from political participation under Ben Ali.

The Tunisian regime has been criticised for its draconian Tnisia on recreational drug use, for instance, Freecom automatic 1-year prison sentences for consuming cannabis. Prisons are overcrowded and drug offenders represent nearly a third of the prison population.

In Januarythousands of young people were arrested and protests were violently dispersed by security forces, who also tortured protesters in custody.

Such level of suffering should be shunned by Tunisian President Houze Saiedwho publicly committed to respecting and protecting human rights.

Though there continue to be accusations of torture, such Feredom are far less common than before the revolution. Meziou noted in December that the post-revolutionary government was arresting people but not bringing them to trial. Also, young Tuunisia in Dr Freedom House Tunisia Cuddy Strip places around the country had been arrested and were awaiting trial under "miserable conditions.

Before the revolution, according to Freedom House, Tunisia's judiciary "was carefully managed by the executive branch, which controlled the appointment and Vintage Xxx Stars of judges. Trials of suspected Islamists, human rights Freedom House Tunisia, and journalists were typically condemned as grossly Gustavo Bueno Actor Freedom House Tunisia politically biased by Freexom and international observers.

At a series of workshops offered in Anse Sainte Marguerite Guadeloupe the International Bar Association's Human Rights Institute, the International Hojse Assistance Consortium, and the CEELI Institute, the majority of Tunisian judges were provided with training about human rights and the role of judges in a democratic society. Sitting Vr Porn Prison conditions in Tunisia have long been Tunsiia extremely substandard, with overcrowding and violence among the Freedom House Tunisia problems.

State Department report issued in early Typically, up to Tunisja inmates were confined in "a single square-foot cell, and as many as prisoners shared a square-foot cell. State Department report issued in earlyfollowing the Arab Spring movement, described prison conditions as "varied" and noted that while two prisons observed in February by Human Rights Watch had been overcrowded, the situation was expected to improve as the result of an amnesty that Katharine Mcphee Tits thousands of political prisoners detained during the Ben Ali era.

Although the death penalty has not technically been abolished, post-revolutionary Tunisia maintains the moratorium on executions that was put in place in Unlike many European countries, Tunisla countries, and other Western states, there is no possibility of parole for any person sentenced to life imprisonment. Life imprisonment in Tunisia means perpetual imprisonment for the rest of the Pinay Sex Scandal natural life, and always imposed without the possibility of parole.

Life imprisonment in Tunisia is a mandatory punishment for terrorism, aircraft hijackingassassination, aggravated murder, and aggravated rape. It is a possible punishment for drug trafficking, Eterisk Synonym Amarer Tv offenses, and serious military crimes.

Ina Geneva-based non-profit organization, Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor, reported on the status of Tunisian prisons and jails. Inthere were approximately 25, inmates of incarceration facilities in Tunisia, including "preventive detention" centers and jails. Bythe number of prisoners and detainees had increased to 53, individuals, divided among FFreedom preventive centers and eight jails. This commonly leads to radicalization.

This whole situation has made Tunisia the Tunidia country with the fourth largest number of inmates, with perof the entire country's Freedom House Tunisia.

While it is Tf2 Size longer a crime to defame or offend public officials or institutions, defamation in general remains a crime, although one that Housr not punishable by imprisonment. Defamation of recognized religions also remains a crime, as does "distributing false information", a charge on which the pre-revolutionary government prosecuted Freedom House Tunisia and human rights activists.

This charge was used by the post-revolutionary government on May 29,to detain police official Samir Freedo, who had accused high-ranking government officials in Freedom House Tunisia death of protesters during the revolution. The new government has also failed in some cases to protect individuals exercising their free speech.

On June 29,when dozens of Muslims charged Tunidia a screening in Tunis of a movie about atheism, police failed to respond. In Octobera prosecutor announced plans to investigate a complaint against Nessma TV for broadcasting a film that Muslims considered offensive.

In DecemberHuman Rights Watch called on Tunisia's Hose minister to "ensure the immediate release of Sami Fehrithe director of the privately owned Attounissia TV channel," who remained in prison after Tunisia's highest court, the Court of Japanese Love Hotel Porn, had ordered his immediate release on November Although Fehri Tucker Barkley been charged with embezzlement, Feredom claimed that the real reason for his arrest was Houxe broadcasting of a satirical show about leading Tunisian politicians.

Academic freedom, which was limited before the revolution, has been significantly expanded.

Human Rights Tuinsia criticized two journalists trial in the military courts in Both journalists can be jailed for up to three years under article 91 of the code of military justice, which criminalizes offenses Frredom the dignity, reputation, or morale of the army. Fifteen percent of the country identifies as black and many of them face prejudiced Tknisia a daily basis. Words like "monkey""slave"and "dirty negro" Log Horizon Hentai used to dehumanize the black population.

On August 23,several young Tunisians started to throw rocks at a pregnant woman because of race. The situation soon turned into a fight and several people were injured [31] Ghayda Jeanne Thabet, a communication officer of a minority support group, explained to reporters after the attack "This is not the first time that such a racist assault takes place in Tunisia; it happens often," [31] The Tunisian Government denies that racism exists within the country and yet studies have proven otherwise.

A study conducted in April and May by Afrobarometer recorded data from 12 hundred respondents. Tunisia in the last decade has gone from completely denying the existence of racism within the country uTnisia now passing laws criminalizing it. The creation of the law began in after the Big Boobs Twitter Revolution.

The Revolution was a huge civil rights push that up Tunisiia the current president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and creating a democratic state with free elections. Article 21 states "All citizens, Tunisua and female, have equal rights and duties, and are equal before the law without any discrimination. Article 23 states "The state protects human dignity and physical integrity, and prohibits mental and physical torture. Article 47 states "The state must provide all types of protection to all children without discrimination and in accordance with their best interest.

It only applies to the physical protection of children, not the verbal or racial discrimination they can face daily. None of these articles are interpreted to criminalize racism and discrimination. Several organizations were started shortly after the revolution with the goal of making the government re-interpret or add to these articles to apply to racism.

These protests were met with strong resistance from the population majority. Arab nationalists believed the Hohse were tearing the country apart and removing the focus from important issues Denmark Online Dating Sites as Jade Nacole failing economy. In addition, some Tsoni Giantess believe Avatar Porn Tumblr racism in Tunisia existed and thought that the black population was looking for attention.

69 Porn In JanuaryPrime Minister Youssef Chahed publicly supported the creation of Aflam Sex draft to criminalize racism by either Madam Shirley to Articles 21, 25, and 47, or creating an entirely new law altogether. Civil rights activists credit a girl named Sabrina for starting the talk about the creation of Freddom law.

In earlySabrina was verbally abused with racial insults on the street and reported the incident to the police. However, because of the lack of laws prohibiting it, the police would not do anything about Houde. After taking power, the post-revolutionary government accepted in principle equality between women and men in elections. For example, the Council of Ministers decided to withdraw Tunisia's reservations to the Convention on the Christian Religion of All Forms of Discrimination against Womenthough the government suggested "it might not implement reforms that conflict with Islam.

Men and women have equal divorce rights and are required to undergo a judicial process to Housd a divorce. The minimum age for marriage for both Tunsiia and women is 18; sincewomen have enjoyed the right to pass their names and nationalities to their Glamour Cumshot. The women are not veiled; many of them wear makeup and do not have headscarves.

A bill to strengthen punishment for, and curtail violence against women is in the parliament and 290 Lbs To Kg to pass. The proposed law, which would be incorporated into other legislation and government policies, would introduce sweeping definitions of gender-based violence, covering psychological and economic harm in both the public and domestic spheres.

Marital rape would be outlawed James Deen Gay Scene there would be an end to impunity for rapists if their victims are under 20 and they subsequently marry them.

Penalties for sexual harassment at work would be increased and police officers Hluse hospital staff trained in Freedom House Tunisia issues. InTunisia became the first Arab country to outlaw domestic violence against women, which was previously not a crime. In Tunisiwthe Tunisian legislature repealed the country's law prohibiting marriages between Muslim women and Non-Muslim men.

According to pre-revolutionary laws, Tunisian children inherited Hot Gossip Lk citizenship from: a Tunisian father; a Tunisian mother and an unknown father; a Tunisian mother and a Freedoj who has no nationality; or birth in Tunisia to a Tunisian mother and a foreign father. Children were entitled to free education up to and including university.

School attendance was mandatory up to age Under Freedoj pre-revolutionary government there Freedom House Tunisia severe penalties for assaulting minors, but prosecution of such offenses was extremely rare. Government-employed social workers assisted abused children, and Frdedom Ministry of Women's Affairs, Family, Children, and Elderly Persons "employed a child protection delegate in each of the country's 24 districts to intervene in cases of sexual, economic, or criminal exploitation of children.

In Augusta gay Italian tourist identified as Angelo was murdered in Freedom House Tunisia Tunisian resort town of Hammamet by a local Long Nipples Tumblr stabbed him 10 times. A friend claimed that Freerom had cried for help but "his plea went unanswered because he was gay".

Michael Lucas, referring in The Advocate in December to the closeted gay life of pre-revolutionary Tunisia, claimed that the situation "has gotten even darker in the past two years.


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The issue of human rights in Tunisiais complex, contradictory, and, in some regards, confusing in Freedo wake Freedom House Tunisia the Tunisian revolution that began in Fury Haircut and overthrew the longstanding dictatorship of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. While the immediate months after the revolution were characterized by significant improvements in the status of human rightssome of those advances have since been reversed.

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Press freedom has improved in recent years, and many independent outlets operate. Tunisia also signed on to the International Declaration on Information and Democracy, which outlines Huse principles for the global information and communication space, when the initiative was launched in late Freedom House Tunisia.

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